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The results are striking and strange, although calling them a new artistic style might be a stretch.

The images in the show, which were produced based on training sets of Renaissance portraits and skulls, are more figurative, and fairly disturbing.

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human-like figures, their features smeared and contorted yet still legible as portraiture.

Even the most committed digital artists don’t present the tools of their own inventions that way;
The artist should claim responsibility over the work rather than to cede that agency to the tool or the system they create,”

But automated, commercial kitsch to hang above king beds in Hyatt suites could arrive soon after the Chelsea gallery community celebrates the technology as a creative, machine-learning companion.
Sharp’s estimation, “Faceless Portraits Transcending Time” is a tech demo more than a deliberate oeuvre,

For Sharp and other critics of computer-generated art, the result betrays an unforgivable ignorance about the supposed influence of the source material.

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